CHARM_logoNow, what does “CHARMing youth work” mean? CHARM stands for Civic Help for Anti-Racist Measures and is the slogan of an online campaign, running in parallel and supporting the Youth against Racism project.

Our idea is to spread CHARM around the youth work in Europe, particularly Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain and Hungary. That would mean that we want to raise the awareness among various youth organizations and bodies for Human Rights and to encourage them to join the European-wide efforts for building tolerant Europe, where everybody is included.

The overall aim of the project is to transform the youth work in Europe into a sphere free of harmful stereotypes and thus to insure that racism and xenophobia do not exist in youth projects and youth activities across Europe. The project will significantly raise the awareness about racism and xenophobia among youth activists, organizations and institutions which are not dealing specifically with these issues, but work with young people, support their activeness and influence their values, attitudes and behavior.

The concept of this project emerged during an international Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education, which was attended by representatives of some of the project partners. The other partners were invited to join as experts in training, intercultural dialogue, work with young people and anti-racism activities.

Through seminar trainings, exchange of experience, cross-border cooperation and consultancy, youth organizations dealing with various issues (environment, charity, youth political participation, arts, leisure, etc.) will be challenged to explore their contribution in building tolerant Europe and to mainstream anti-racist practices in their work. The project will create anti-racist youth organizational policies and resources, which will be highly promoted.