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The in-country workshops countinuesНационалните работните срещи продължават

September 9, 2010 by News, Youth Trainings No Comments

Photo: Story Seeds

The in-country workshops in the frame of YAR project are continuing. They are all aiming to raise awareness about racism and xenophobia among youth activists, organizations and institutions which are not dealing specifically with these issues, but work with young people, as well as challenging them to explore their contribution in building tolerant Europe and to cross-cut anti-racist policies in their work.

Stay tuned to get more information on how the workshops went on

Here are the info for each country workshops:

Workshops in Bulgaria
1st workshop – 27/29 August in Katarino – already passed
2nd workshop – 24/26 September in Hisar

Workshops in Denmark
1st workshop – 17/18 September in Krogerup Hojskole
2nd workshop – 15/17 October in Copenhagen

Workshops in Greece
1st workshop – 24/26 September in Thessaloniki
2nd workshop – 22/24 October

Workshops in Italy
1st workshop – 24/25 September
2nd workshop – 15/16 October

Workshops in Spain
1st workshop – 18/19 September in Seville
2nd workshop – 15/17 October in Barselona

Workshops in Hungary
1st workshop – 30 September -02 October
2nd workshop – 08/10 October