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CHARM vocabulary

UntitledRacism. We assume that everybody knows the meaning of the term racism. However, it is good to know that its volume is variable depending on the context. Initially “racism” is used to refer to the belief that there are different human races, which are divided into superior and inferior categories, which are biologically embedded and could not be changed. Vast majority of people identifying themselves with racism, however, are not satisfied with distinction of “race” only and they introduce new ones – the inferior list also includes people with disabilities, sexual minorities, ethnic and religious groups. Hatred toward all these groups is a part of the job description of the “racist”. That is why in the context of our project “racism” is understood as intolerance to anyone who is “different”, not just about “race”. In this sense, we determine as a racist the understanding that women and young people have no place in management positions, or that men and older people have no place in youth and social field.

Antiracist awareness. In the determination of “racism” we have also defined this expression. Antiracist awareness would mean the ability to determine whether certain ideas or events are racist or not (according to the definition above), respectively to distinguish ourselves from them or not.

Social exclusion. Most often it is defined as a process where a person or groups of people are deprived of the opportunity to participate fully in the economic, social and cultural life of the society. Since our project is focused on racism in the field of youth, then in this context social exclusion is understood primarily as the inability of group of people to participate in the field of youth, because they are different from the majority of active youth.

Based on these clarifications, we can say that the CHARM project strives to fight social exclusion in the youth sphere of Europe by raising antirasit awareness among youth organizations and bodies.