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CHARMing Education

What would be that kind of education that could spread CHARM around the youth sphere? We already knew the answer – Human Rights Education (HRE).

Human Rights Education is recognized and highly promoted by the Directorate of Youth and Sports of the Council of Europe. A central place in its promotion has COMPASS – A Manual or Human Rights Education with Young People. In COMPASS HRE is described as educational programmes with the long term aim to establish a culture where human rights are understood, defended and respected. It uses learner-centered approach which recognises the value of personal action and personal change and also takes account of the social context in which learners find themselves. One of the most important assets of the HRE however, is that it aims not only at providing knowledge, but also at building skills and shaping attitudes and values. You could get more information on HRE from here.

In the process of CHARMing youth work, we use HRE methods that were already developed and tested, but often adapt them or use them as inspiration to create new ones. It always depends on the country context and on the composition of the groups – their overall attitude, experience, expectations and needs. Furthermore, the educational methods we use have a specific aim – to convince the organizations involved to take a specific action by developing and applying anti-racist organizational policies within their organizations. That’s what we call CHARMing education.