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The CHARM in Greece

November 16, 2010 by News, Online Campaign No Comments

The Greek seminars were organized by the title “T-(A)-R.E.X.” trainings against racism exclusion xenophobia “volume 1”, “volume2” with participants from 12 different non-governmental organizations, youth municipality centers and non-formal groups. The trainers were the trainers who get trained at the Training of Trainers a few months ago.

The first meeting was organized on 2nd and 3rd of October in Thessaloniki and the aim of the first meeting was to bring the participants closer, to help them to relax and feel comfortable to speak about their experience, to make a research on what kinds of behavior they have or they faced during their work on anti-racism and social support field. Also by the end the participants started to work on the values and principles which should be followed by the person who is working on these fields and to share good and bad practice.

The second seminar was organized on 23rd and 24th of October and the goals were again to research the behaviors, but this time on more focus target groups. These groups came up after the results of the first seminar. At the end of the project the participant finally became with the “H&M” –Humanitum Memorantum which is the common agreement for the profile of the social worker, the values and the behaviors which he has to follow.

Next step is to promote the campaign of CHARM and to develop a questioner for all Greek NGO’s in order to measure the racism behavior and to collect more good and bad practices until the meeting in Hungary.