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New CHARMING activities in 2013 and 2014

February 22, 2013 by News No Comments

The CHARMing youth work initiative was renewed in January 2013 and youth-oriented activities will run for the next two years in six European countries. CHARM stands for Civic Help for Anti-Racist Measures.

C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria) and fellow non-governmental organizations from Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Spain are now working on a EU-supported project that aims at transforming the youth work in Europe into a sphere free of harmful stereotypes and thus to insure that racism and other forms of intolerance do not exist in youth projects and youth activities across Europe. The partnership is meeting in the beginning in February in Sofia to kick-off the project.

CHARMing youth work will significantly raise the awareness about anti-racism and fundamental rights among youth organizations, bodies, cooperatives, groups and centers which are not dealing specifically with these issues, but work with young people, support their development and influence their values, attitudes and behavior. Through training seminars, exchange of experience, cross-border cooperation and materials development, youth organizations dealing with various issues (environment, charity, youth political participation, arts, leisure, etc.) will be challenged to explore their contribution in building tolerant Europe and to cross-cut fundamental rights in their work.

The target group of the project includes youth organizations dealing with various issues in Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Poland and Lithuania, but also in other EU member states. Within the project the term “organization” implies any entity (legal or not), which is set to organize youth activities.

The project foresees a research, materials development and training component and is set to involve at least 120 youth organizations from the countries involved. International training of trainers, national trainings and organizational trainings are planned for the next two years, while online training course will also be offered, supported by a number of other virtual and residential activities. So stay tuned!

The action is a continuation of the project Youth against Racism that was implemented in 2010-2011 in Bulgaria, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Spain and was supported by the European Commission and the European Youth Foundation and builds on its results and lessons learnt.

The project CHARMing youth work is funded by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme.

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