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Currently, the project partnership consists of 6 non-governmental organizations from 6 different EU member states. The involved partners are active on local, national and international level with varying extend.

All of the involved organizations have experience in working with both anti-racism and youth thematic, but also complement each other’s experience. USB (Greece) and Cazalla Intercultural (Spain) are highly experienced in organizing youth international and local training and exchange events with focus on intercultural understanding. AEF (Italy) and YCAC (Lithuania) are profiled at training and coaching young people, while CEGA (Bulgaria) has long-term experience in capacity building of other organizations. All of the partners have organizing training seminars and facilitating learning processes with young people as regular activities on different themes. Outstanding experience in this sphere is proved by CHANCE (Poland). All partners share commitment to participatory and learner-based learning approaches in doing so.

www.cega.bgCreating Effective Grassroots Alternatives works for capacity building in different levels, changing attitudes and improvement of policies for social inclusion of disadvantaged communities.

C.E.G.A. is a non-profit organisation registered under the Bulgarian Persons and Family Act in 1995 and re-registered in 2002 according to the new Act on legal entities with non-profit purposes as an organisation working for public benefit.

More on: www.cega.bg, www.facebook.com/CEGAFoundation


AEF_ItalyAccademia europea di Firenze is a cultural association founded in 1992. The main objectives of the organization are: to promote the European dimension of educational processes; facilitate the entrance in the job market of disadvantaged young people; to promote Human Rights education and creation of tools for young people and adults; to stimulate the active participation and citizenship of young people; to provide tools such as counseling, work placements, workshops and training course to empower young people and adults.

AEF is running activities as training and counseling agency and provides services and consultancy to public bodies and schools.

More on: www.aefonline.eu, http://www.facebook.com/AccademiaEF


usbUnited Societies of Balkans is a local non-profit organization which was founded in Thessaloniki in 2008 by a group of active young people experienced in voluntary programmes, socially sensitive and with a vision to mobilize the youth and make them active in voluntarism, sensitize them around social concerns and give them access to knowledge.

The organization was created under the rapid changes around the Balkans and Eastern Europe and the need to act in order to create a better social environment for the region.

More on: www.usbngo.gr, www.facebook.com/groups/97479525454/


CHANCE_PolandAssociation for children and young people CHANCE is a Polish NGO based in the town of Glogow.  Its aims are: to provide support in the crisis situations to children, young people and their families; to run prevention programmes on various social issues children and young people are affected by; to provide support to parents and teachers in solving children’s and young people’s problems; to provide human rights education and intervene in cases when human rights are violated, etc.

The Association runs its activities on local and regional level, while also implementing international activities. The main areas of activities cover youth work, training, counseling and therapy. There are some 150 young people taking part in regular activities of the association (workshop, development groups, volunteers’ groups).

More on: http://eng.szansa.glogow.org/, www.facebook.com/SzansaGlogow


YCAC_horizontal_LithuaniaJuanimo Karjeros Centras (Youth Career and Advising Center) is an NGO with more than 10 years of experience in supporting youth and adults through non-formal education programmes and guidance services. It aims to meet public needs through education, scientific, cultural, social and legal initiatives. YCAC’s target audiences are students from secondary and VET schools, universities and colleges; young adults, youth with special needs; educators (teachers, school managers, phychologists); community members, parents.

YCAV’s fields of interest are career education and guidance, effective communication and life skills, global citizenship, language learning, gender empowering education and others.

More on: http://jkc.isprendimai.lt/en, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaunimo-karjeros-centras/119009021446248


Cazalla Intercultural_SpainCazalla Intercultural is a local NGO located in Lorca (Murcia), in the South East of Spain. It was founded in 1994 and since then has developed many activities in the field of youth work, capacity building and volunteerism.

There are four main field of work: Voluntary Service, Capacity building, International Cooperation and Local youth work.

More on: www.cazalla-intercultural.org, www.facebook.com/cazalla.intercultural