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The CHARM training modules

The following training modules were developed within the CHARM project with the idea to provide a learning framework for teaching anti-racism and fundamental rights with six specific types of youth organizations – youth centers, youth political organizations, youth sports organizations, youth leisure time organizations, students school councils and EVS organizations. The modules are designed in details so that they can be used by trainers or internally – by the organizations themselves.

Training is only part of a longer process towards building inclusive youth organizations. To understand more about the process, please have a look at our publication The Charming Process, available on 7 languages here.


  1. Training module and guidelines ‘Youth centers’. Download 
  2. Training module and guidelines ‘EVS organizations’. Download Version A (Disabilities)Download Version B (Gender) 
  3. Training module and guidelines ‘Sports organizations’. Download 
  4. Training module and guidelines ‘Student school councils’. Download 
  5. Training module and guidelines ‘Youth political organizations’. Download 
  6. Training module and guidelines ‘Leisure time activities organizations’ Download