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CHARM yourself online! – online training for youth workers

August 27, 2014 by News, Youth Trainings No Comments

Charm yourself online! – Online training course for youth workers on inclusive youth organizations and culture of human rights

About this course

Online-Training-CoursesThe CHARM yourself online training course is set to engage youth workers, managers, members and volunteers of various youth organizations into a journey to explore the topics of human rights, anti-racism and inclusion and how they are related to the way the youth organizations function. The course will take the participants through the basic concepts around human rights and will facilitate a critical review of how they are connected to the work that is done in different youth organizations, regardless of their spheres of work. The course is built on the methodological bases of non-formal education adapted for online environment.

The training course is a part of the CHARM project (www.charmingyouth.eu) and is built on the materials and learning generated by the project so far, as well as existing materials on Human Rights Education. The CHARM project is supported by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union.

Who is it for?

The training course is meant for:

  • Youth workers, managers, members, associates and volunteers of youth organizations working in various spheres
  • Participants coming from member states of the European Union and other European countries and
  • People interested to learn how to make their organization more compatible with the principles of anti-racism and human rights.

The training course is not meant for youth workers who are already working on the issues of human rights or who are coming from human rights organizations.

In the description above “youth organization” can be any entity (registered or informal), public or private, which works with young people.

Targeted competences

At the end of the training course we would hope that the participants would have developed:

  • Knowledge on main concepts like human rights, racism and discrimination, inclusion and exclusion;
  • Understanding of the connection between human rights and the sphere of work of their organization;
  • Ability to identify and address discriminatory or exclusive practices within everyday life situations and the operations of an youth organization;
  • Critical analysis of the prevailing attitudes within an organization and possible ways to challenge them;
  • Sense of empathy towards groups of young people who are usually facing neglect or exclusion from youth activities;
  • Commitment to human rights culture in any youth organization, regardless of its sphere of work.

Structure of the course

The training course is divided into 5 modules and each module, with the exception of the last one, is divided in three units. Every module is dedicated to a specific topic. As a rule, the first unit of each module will be exploring the foundations of the module topic, the second will be aimed at exploring our personal relation to the topic and the third one – how the topic is relates to (youth) organizational level. Every module finishes with a short test to check the acquired knowledge.

The modules are:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Human Rights

Module 3: Racism and discrimination

Module 4: Inclusion and exclusion

Module 5: Parallel workshops on different kinds of exclusion

Each module will be running for one week (see the timeline below) and every week there will be a new module open. The old modules will remain open, so you will be still able to complete them even after the week is over – until the end of the online course itself. However, we encourage the participants to keep up with the pace of the course!

Application and timeline

The training course will run twice in 2014. The two rounds are identical.

Application deadline for Round 1: 15.09.2014

Application deadline for Round 2: 27.10.2014


Each course is limited for up to 35 participants. In case more than 35 people want to participate in the first online course, the 35 people that have applied first will be accepted, while the others will be automatically enrolled for the second round.

The team reserves the right to reject applicants who clearly don’t meet the participation criteria set above.

Participation in the training course is free of charge!

To apply, please go to http://training.charmingyouth.eu where you will find the registration form. Only forms filled out online will be accepted.

Technical issues

To be able to participate fully in the course you need to have access to the Internet at least twice per week in the duration of the training course. Basic digital sills are required to use the interface of the course. The course is only running online and there is no need to download any software to use it. The whole training course will be run in English and participants are expected to read and write in English.


The course is considered completed when a participant has completed successfully and on time 4 out of the 5 modules. The participants who have successfully completed the course will receive a paper version certificate sent by post, together with the final publication of the CHARM project by the end of 2014.

For more information

If you have any questions regarding the online course, please contact Mr Vladislav Petkov at vladi@cega.bg.