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CHARM publication and in-country dissemination events hit 6 EU countries

December 8, 2014 by News No Comments

cover_ENGThe CHARM partnership is more than happy to present the final publication of the project with the title ‘Rethinking Inclusion in Youth Work: The CHARM process’, which is now available for free online reading. The publication summarizes the experience of the partnership on training youth organizations on anti-racism and fundamental rights for the last 2 years within the project.

The publication is meant for youth workers and representatives of youth organizations around Europe who would like to become more aware of anti-racism and fundamental rights and take them as horizontal principles in their work, regardless of the thematic sphere. Or as we call it within the project – a Charming organization. In the publication it is defined as follows:

A youth organization that:
• It has taken steps towards establishing a safe and inclusive environment for people from traditionally excluded groups;
• It has reflected on how an organization supports the idea of inclusive youth work;
• It has revised the way it runs its operation to make it equally accessible and friendly for the diverse groups of young people;
• It has planned pro-active measures in insuring diversity and equal opportunities within the organization.

After two years of work in the project the partnership now tends to look at CHARM not as a ‘fact’, but much more as “Charming process” – a cycle of steps one organization needs to undergo in order to reflect on its own approach on anti-racism and inclusion and based on that – to re-think it, take action and introduce concrete measures. Furthermore, we see it as a never-ending process which regularly checks what the situation with the organization is, what the current attitudes and operations are, what is the efficiency of its inclusive measures. The steps are explored in the publication.

The publication is now available in English for free online reading here. Language versions in Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish and Spanish will added very soon. Paper copies will also be available on demand. In the meantime local dissemination events are being organized in December in the six involved countries. For more information, contact the local partner.

Read the publication online here.